Privacy Policy

WW2.PW website administration is obliged to maintain your privacy on the Internet. We pay great attention to securing the data you provided to us.

Our privacy policy is based on:

The purposes, for which we collect your personal data are: improvement of our service, communication with visitors to this site, user data processing for the purpose of online sales, presenting the information requested by the user, providing services associated with the website’s specialization, and for other actions listed below.

1. Personal data storage and processing

We collect and process your personal data only with your willing consent.

With your permission, we can collect and process the following data: name and surname, date of birth, e-mail address, phone number, home address, personal photos, social media account information.

Collection and processing of your personal information is carried out in accordance with the laws of the European Union and the Germany.

2. Data storage, alteration, and removal

The user, who has provided WW2.PW with their personal data, has the right for their alteration and removal, as well as the right to recall the agreement to data processing.

Time, during which your personal data will be stored is: time the personal data is used that is necessary for the website’s main activity. After finishing with the processing of your personal data, the website’s administration will permanently delete it.

To access your personal data, you can contact the administration on: CONTACT US.

We will be able to pass your data to a third party only with your willing consent. If the data was transferred to a third party, which is not associated with our organization, we cannot perform any changes to that data.

3. Processing of visiting technical data

Records of your IP address, time of visit, browser settings, operational system and other technical information is saved in the database when you visit WW2.PW.

This data is necessary for the correct display of the website’s content. It is impossible to identify the person of the visitor using this data.

4. Children’s personal information

If you are a parent or a legal guardian of an underage child, and you know that the child has provided us with their personal information without your consent,
please contact us on: CONTACT US.

It is forbidden to enter personal data of underage users without the agreement of parents or lawful guardians.

5. Cookies processing

We use cookie files for the correct display of the website’s content and for the convenience of browsing WW2.PW.

They are small files, that are stored on your device. They help the website to remember information about you, such as in which language you use the website and which pages have you already opened. This information will be useful in the next visit.
Thanks to cookie files, the website’s browsing becomes much more convenient. You can learn more about these files HERE.

You can set up cookies reception and blocking in your browser yourself. Inability to receive cookie files may limit the functionality of the website.

6. Processing of personal data by other services

This website uses third-party online services, which perform data collecting, independent from us.
Such services include: GOOGLE ANALYTICS, FACEBOOK.COM.

Data collected by these services may be provided to other services within those organizations. They can use the data for advertising personalization of their own advertising network.

You can learn about user agreements of those organizations on their websites. You can also refuse their collection of your personal data. For example, Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on can be found HERE.
We do not pass any personal data to other organizations or services, which are not listed in this privacy policy.

As an exception, the collected data may be provided on a lawful request of state authorities, that are authorized to request such information.

7. Links to other websites

Our website WW2.PW may contain links to other websites, which are not under our control. We are not responsible for the content of these websites. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the privacy policy of every website that you visit, if such policy exists.

8. Changes to the privacy policy

From time to time, our website WW2.PW may update our privacy policy. We inform about any changes to the privacy policy, placed on this webpage.

We are monitoring any changes in legislation,which is related to personal data in European Union and Germany. If you have entered any of your personal data on our website, we will inform you about the changes in our privacy policy.

If your personal data, and more specifically, your contact information was entered incorrectly, we will not be able to contact you.

9. Feedback and final clauses

You can contact the administration of WW2.PW regarding any questions related to privacy policy on: CONTACT US, or by filling a contact form specified in a corresponding section of this website.

If you do not agree with this privacy policy, you cannot use the services of WW2.PW.
In this case you should avoid visiting our website.

User Agreement

This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) regulates the relationship between the owner HTTPS://WW2.PW/ (hereinafter referred to as RELICS & DIGGERS or Administration) on the one hand and the site user on the other.
The RELICS & DIGGERS website is not a media outlet.

By using the site, you agree to the terms of this agreement.
If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, do not use the RELICS & DIGGERS website!

Rights and obligations of the parties

1. The user has the right to

1.1. Search for information on the website;

1.2. Receive information on the website;

1.3. Distribute information on the website;

1.4. Copy information to other sites with an indication of the source;

1.5. Require the administration to hide any information about the user;

1.6. Require the administration to hide any information transmitted by the user to the site;

1.7. Use the site information for personal non-commercial purposes.

2. The Administration has the right to

2.1. At its discretion and the need to create, change, cancel the rules;

2.2. Restrict access to any information on the site;

2.3. Create, modify, delete information;

2.4. Delete accounts.

3. The User undertakes to

3.1. To ensure the accuracy of the information provided;

3.2. To ensure the safety of personal data from access by third parties;

3.3. Update the Personal Data provided during registration, in case of their change;

3.4. Not to disseminate information that is aimed at propaganda of war, incitement of national, racial or religious hatred and enmity, as well as other;

3.5. Information for the dissemination of which criminal or administrative responsibility is provided;

3.6. Do not disrupt the performance of the site;

3.7. Do not create multiple accounts on the Site if they actually belong to the same person;

3.8. Do not use scripts (programs) for automated collection of information and/or interaction with the.

4. The Administration undertakes

4.1. To maintain the functionality of the site, except in cases when it is impossible for reasons beyond the control of the Administration;

4.2. To carry out versatile protection of the User account;

4.3. Protect information whose dissemination is restricted or prohibited by laws by issuing a warning or deleting the user account that violated the rules.

5. Responsibility of the parties

5.1. The Administration is not responsible for the discrepancy between the services expected by the User and the services actually received;

5.2. The administration does not bear any responsibility for the services provided by third parties;

5.3. In the event of a force majeure situation (hostilities, state of emergency, natural disaster, etc.), the Administration does not guarantee the safety of the information posted by the User, as well as the uninterrupted operation of the information resource.

6. Terms of the Agreement

6.1. This Agreement comes into force upon registration on the site;

6.2. The Agreement ceases to be valid when a new version of it appears;

6.3. The Administration reserves the right to unliterally change this agreement at its discretion;

6.4. The Administration does not notify users about changes in the Agreement.

Deletion of personal data

How to write a letter about the deletion of personal data?
When you need to delete your personal data from the company's database, you need to compose a correct letter with a request to delete them. In such a letter, you must specify your personal data and the reasons for the deletion request.

An example of the text of the letter may look like this:
Request to delete personal data:

Full name: Daniel K Roth
Date of birth: 31.01.1970
Address: Neumunster, Schleswig-Holstein, Budapester Strasse 20
Phone number: +49 (234) 567-89-10
Reason for deletion request: account closure.
The letter can be sent by email to ADMIN@WW2.PW

Template for writing a letter:
Dear Administrator,
I am contacting you to request the removal of my personal data from your systems.
In accordance with the Federal Law "On Personal Data", I have the right to request the removal of my personal data from your database.
I am confident that you, as a bona fide contractor/employer/supplier, respect my privacy and you will not store my personal data without my consent.
I ask you to confirm receipt of my request to remove my personal data from your database.

Daniel K Roth.

Example of correctly formatted letters

A letter requesting the deletion of personal data must be written in accordance with legal requirements, so proper formatting is of great importance. Below are sample letters that can be used as a template.

Hello Relics & Diggers!

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that my personal data is in your database. In this regard, I request their removal in accordance with the requirements of Article 14.1 of the Federal Law “On Personal Data”.

My Name: Dirk J Baumgartner
Date of birth: 28/07/1987
Address: Saarlouis, Freistaat Thuringen, Stresemannstr. 132
Phone number: +49 (234) 567-89-10
Email address:
I ask you to comply with my request within 30 days and confirm the deletion of my personal data.

Best regards,
Dirk J Baumgartner.